Privacy Policy

Privacy Policies

Information We Collect and Its Usage

At RentCubo, we value your privacy and are committed to protecting the information you provide us through our website. Unless legally required, we do not sell, distribute, or disclose user information to any third-party service providers we may or may not be associated with. RentCubo gathers user information including but not limited to personal details, payment details, etc., to provide the best services, meet all your expectations, and respond to your request and queries effectively.


The security and privacy of user data/information is an elemental part of RentCubo. This is a statement of our assurance and commitment to providing security compliance of data and information we collect from all our users. We are committed to respect your privacy and provide necessary protection to any or all personal and confidential information, you share with us, based on your preferences and needs. RentCubo is determined to continually improve its privacy policies for optimal security compliance.

Collection of User Information

RentCubo collects various information including but not limited to personal information, IP address, and payment details about our web visitors parenthetically through its internet access logs. When accessing the RentCubo website and/or any of its services, the user’s domain name and IP address is instinctively collected and stored in our internet access logs. RentCubo uses this information to determine the browsing pattern and history of the sections, webpages, and other information browsers access.

Use of Personal Information

RentCubo defines personal information as any information that can be used to identify a person, that includes but is not limited to first and last name, home, office, or other postal addresses, date of birth, etc. Users can visit the RentCubo website and its web pages without sharing any personal information about themselves.

On the other hand, if users share their personal information when using the website, RentCubo may transfer user information within the website and/or to any third-party service providers either from within the jurisdiction of the country of India or the world over.

RentCubo strives to conform to all applicable laws across the globe that are intended to protect your privacy. Despite the fact that legal requirements may vary from country to country, we aim to follow the principles collated in this Privacy Policy at all times even at the incidence of transfer of any personal information by us. In other words, the goal of RentCubo is to protect your personal information regardless of the nature of collection, transfer, or retainment of your personal information.


RentCubo uses cookies to produce comprehensive site visitor statistics. But, cookies by themselves, cannot be used to identify a user unless otherwise specified. Based on your preference, you can disable cookies by changing the privacy settings in your computer, smart device, or browser.

Disclosure of User Data

At RentCubo, we do not sell, rent, or share any personal information about you, in part or whole, with non-affiliated companies or parties. RentCubo will aim at maintaining high levels of security of user information provided to us by the users through an e-mail, by warranting the distribution of such information only within the RentCubo family of enterprises.

We may probably disclose your personal information in the following circumstances.

·         We may disclose your information to trusted partners who work with or on behalf of RentCubo under highly confidential terms and conditions.

·         In order to respond to court orders, summons, or legal process, and/or to exercise our legal rights and/or defend RentCubo against legal claims.

·         In order to inspect, avert, or take necessary action with regard to illegal or fraudulent activities, potential threats to the physical safety of any or all persons, and/or as required by the law.

Links to Third-Party Websites

RentCubo website and its subsidiaries may offer links to certain third-party websites. RentCubo is neither liable nor can be held responsible for the services, contents, or policies of such third-party websites. The links provided to the users, by RentCubo, is merely for the convenience of the users; therefore, we are not liable for any kind of inaccuracies or misinformation provided on such websites.

Third-party websites may use their own cookies to collect user data, personal information, and other peripheral information. RentCubo does not represent, control or own any website links that may redirect you to third-party websites, and make no representation of their existence, adequacy, or extensiveness of their privacy policies.


All the products, technology, and services described in this site are part and parcel of intellectual property rights reserved by RentCubo and/or other affiliated third-party service providers. None of the property, including but not limited to ownership, license, intellectual property, etc., contained herein shall be construed as relating to you in any manner, whatsoever, either by implication or otherwise.